Cardiovascular perfusion is done in India by a variety of persons with varying qualifications and experience. In initial period of the history of cardiac surgery in India the assistant surgeon used to run the pump. This was then taken over by theatre assistants, who had been assisting the ‘perfusionist’ surgeon in setting up the extensive heart lung machine system comprising of reusable disc oxygenator, stainless steel discs, end plates, connectors and other components which had to be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized before and after use.

As the science progress, the reusable disc oxygenator gave way for disposable bubble oxygenators, which were superior in terms of blood handling. In due course, membrane oxygenators took over the bubblers, and the maintenance of desired oxygen and carbon dioxide levels became a matter of prudence. Setting up transducers for line pressure, myocardial protection, assessing the coagulation status, etc became much above the perception of a theatre assistant. Informal training was given to laboratory technicians and other paramedical personnel. Science graduates, who could be brought up to cop up the mechanical, biochemical and physiological aspects of clinical management in perfusion came into the scene.

Thereby, only for the last two decades there have been qualified perfusionists who have been given instructions and training. Now there are B Sc and M Sc courses and PG diploma in perfusion. This variegated courses and training means that there is a need for a uniform assessment and certification so that only duly qualified perfusionists are allowed to practice.

With this objective in mind senior like minded perfusionists decided to form Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion India (BCP-I) with the aims of certifying all perfusionists from different backgrounds and to oversee the courses available and offer a uniform curriculum for teaching of perfusionists so as to maintain standard of perfusion in India .BCP-I will aim to maintain standards as the American, European and Australian Boards are doing in their regions and will be equivalent to their Boards.