All Certified Clinical Perfusionists (CCP) must re-certify annually. The aim of re-certification is to en­sure that the CCP is currently employed as a Perfusionist, continues to meet certain minimum standards and possesses current and adequate knowledge in the field of Perfusion Technology.  This is done through continuing education and clinical activity.

Recertification consists of two components:

  • Clinical activity (40 points per year) (to be reported every year)
  1. Professional activity / Continuing Education (20 points / year) (to be reported  for any 2 out of 5 years)

Clinical Activity
I A. Requirements:
A Certified Clinical Perfusionist is required to perform a minimum of forty (40) clinical activities annually. Clinical activities are defined as follows:

  1. CPB, Primary
  2. Instructor
  3. Veno-Venous Bypass
  4. Pump Assisted Coronary and/or Organ Perfusion (PADCAB / isolated limb perfusion)
  5. CPS
  6. ECMO
  7. VAD    (For 1 – 7 above award 1 point per case)
  8. Documented intra-operative pump standby (1/2 point per case)
  9. ECC in research (1/2 point per case)

Of the 40 clinical activities, a maximum of 20 activities (10 points) can be intra-operative pump standbys. The standbys must be documentable in an audit.

For each ECMO or VAD case, one point will be awarded for initiating and maintaining one shift (4 hours minimum), or managing one shift (8 hours minimum), or the duration of the case. Any case performed as the Clinical Instructor is considered primary perfusion and may be included for credit. Please note that a maximum of two (2) CCP can claim credit for the same case.

I B.    Clinical Activity Report
Each CCP must file an annual Clinical Activity Report, which contains the following:
1. Clinical Activity (case summary) (Form II)
2. Re-certification fee (INR 200 per year for Indians residing and working in India –  INR 400 for others)
NOTE: Employment as clinical Perfusionist has to be confirmed by signature and stamp by the hospital personnel department (Space has been provided in Form 1 - Personal Details)

II. Professional Activity
II A.  Requirements
During any two of the five year period every CCP must earn twenty Continuing Education Units (20 CEUs). A minimum of fifteen (15) CEUs must be earned in Category II A and remaining 5 from Category II B & II C combined, i.e. the CCP has to document activities in all 3 categories. Documentation is based on the Continuing Education Unit (CEU). One CEU or contact hour activity is defined as fifty (50) minutes spent in an organized, structured or unstructured learning experience. (See Summary of Re-certification Activity below for more information)

II B. Professional Activity Report
Each CCP must file a Professional Activity Report during any 2 out of 5  years, which contains the following:

  1. Documentation of continuing education efforts. (Forms III A & III B)
  2. The Clinical Activity Report and filing fee must accompany the Professional Activity Report for that year.

Continuing education units are categorized according to type of educational activity. The following is a description of the various continuing education categories.

Category II A: BCP-I approved Perfusion Meetings and Other Perfusion Related Activity.
CEUs: A minimum of 15 units must be from this category

Perfusion meetings are those programs and seminars in which a minimum of 75% of the contact hours consists of perfusion related material.  Only those meetings approved by the BCP-I will qualify for Category IIA CEUs.  Approximately one CEU is awarded for each hour of perfusion related activity in the meetings.

Activities under this category include:

  • International, national, regional, and state perfusion meetings.
  • Publication of perfusion related book chapter or paper in a professional journal.
  • Presentation of a talk at an international, national, regional or state perfusion meeting.
  • Presentation of a Poster or other exhibit at an international, national, regional or state Perfusion meeting

Points for various activities are as follows:
Passive attendance
a. In-house or regional congress, seminar or workshop            5 points
b. National congress, seminar or workshop                            15 points
c. International congress, seminar or workshop                      20 points
Active attendance
d. In-house or regional presentation, seminar, workshop          2 points
e. National presentation, seminar or workshop                          3 points
f. Moderator at national congress                                               3 points
g. International presentation, seminar or workshop                   5 points
h. Moderator at international congress                                       5 points

NOTE: Active points will be additional. E.g. a moderator or presenter can claim both passive points (for attending) and active points for presenting or moderating in the same workshop.

i. Published abstracts                                                            1 point
j. Journal without editorial policy                                         4 points
k. Journal with editorial policy                                             8 points
l. Author of chapter in Perfusion related book                   15 points      

INTERNATIONAL MEETINGS (Note: This is not an exhaustive or complete list)
AACP                          American Academy of Cardiovascular Perfusion
AATS                          American Academy of Thoracic Surgeons
AHA                            American Heart Association
AMSECT                    American Society of Extra-Corporeal Technology
ASAIO                        American Society of Artificial Organs
DOHS                         Dept. of Health Services, Dubai
EACTA                       European Association of Cardiothoracic Anesthesiologists
EACTS                        European Association of Cardiothoracic Surgeons
EBCP                          European Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion
ESAO                          European Society of Artificial Organs
ESCS                           European Society for Cardiovascular Surgery
FECECT                      Foundation European Circulation Extra-Corporeal Technology
HAAD                          Health Authority of Abu Dhabi
IACTA                         Indian Association of Cardiovascular Thoracic Anesthesia
ISAO                            International Society of Artificial Organs
ISCTS                          International Society of Cardiothoracic Surgeons
ISECT                          Indian Society of Extra-Corporeal Technology
Medscape CME           Medscape CME program
MOH, UAE                  Ministry of Health, UAE
PCSI                             Paediatric Cardiac Society of India
SCA                              Society of Cardiovascular Anaesthesiologists
STS                               Society Thoracic Surgeons
Hammersmith Workshop
Mechanisms of Perfusion
Pathophysiology and Techniques CREF/ San Diego

MEETINGS:  An official document is required from the meeting organizer documenting attendance, with number of CEUs. If no CEU is shown, BCP-I will decide the number of CEUs to be awarded for each meeting.
Perfusion Publications: Complete reference of book or article (authors, title, journal and date/volume of journal).
Perfusion presentation / Poster: Copy of program agenda.
Category II B - Non-Accredited Perfusion Meetings and Other Medical Meetings (Not Approved by BCP-I)

CEUs: A Maximum of 3 points per reporting year Category II B includes international, national, regional, state and local meetings that have not been approved for CEU credit by the BCP-I.
Local perfusion meetings (do not require the board’s accreditation).
Any perfusion meeting NOT EQUALLY ACCESSIBLE to the general CCP community, including manufacturer-specific and company-sponsored educational activities
All other in-house Medical Meetings (e.g. hospital based grand-rounds, M&M, cath conferences etc.) ACLS

NOTE: Points for Category II B are: 1 / 2 / 5 points for local / national / international meetings. No separate active and passive points will be awarded.
DOCUMENTATION:  A certificate of attendance issued by the organizing committee.

Category II C - Individual Education and Other Self-Study Activities Not Approved for Category II B Credit
CEU: A Maximum of 3 points per reporting year
Credit in Category II C is acquired on an hourly basis of the time spent in these non-accredited or non-supervised activities.

Examples include:
Reading or viewing medical journals, audio-visual, or other educational material.
Use of Audiovisual Devices / Electronic Forums (like e-Perfusionist, perflist etc)

  • Participation in a journal club.
  • Participation in degree-oriented, professionally related course work.
  • Presentation of perfusion topic at a non-perfusion meeting.

Passive attendance will carry 1 point and active participation 2 points for each of the above per activity or lecture
Clinical instructor in an accredited school of perfusion: (5 points)
DOCUMENTATION: All self-study activities will require an official record of completion or written summary of the activity. Clinical instructors in accredited programs must provide a letter of confirmation of their status from the Program Director. This should include course title and contact hours.
Applying for Recertification:
Report forms and filing for the Professional Activity
Re-certification forms are available on BCP-I web site. Please download the forms and send the completed form with all relevant documents to the BCP-I office at the address given in the form. Online filing is not available now.            
Recertification Filing Deadline
The reporting period for the Clinical Activity / Professional Activity Report will be from January 1st to December 31st of each year (calendar year).
The reports are due on 1st February of the following year.
E.g. if you have received your CCP in year 2008, then the first report for the period Jan-Dec 2009 will be due on February 1, 2010 and so on.
The Certified Clinical Perfusionist must sign all perfusion records so that the designated authority can verify the Clinical Activity Report in the audit process.

Late Fees
Certified Perfusionists submitting recertification reports after February 1st but prior to March 1st will be charged an additional late fee of INR 250 (i.e. total fees of INR 450).

Notification Of Recertification
For the recertification process to start, all reports and forms should be completed, filed on time and accompanied by the appropriate fee. After verification, once the board is satisfied that the CCP has met the requirements, a letter will be issued that the certificate is current and valid for a further period of one year. Fresh certificates will be issued at the end of 5 years.
The certificates issued by the BCP-I are the sole property of the BCP-I and may be cancelled at its discretion. A certificate may be displayed or used only when it is current and valid.
Certified Clinical Perfusionists are responsible for informing the Office of the of Cardiovascular Perfusion-India (BCP-I) of their current address. All information will be sent to the last known address maintained in the register of the board as per information given by the CCP. Hence the board will not be responsible if the CCP fails to update his/her address, E-mail id, work status and other information.

It is the responsibility of each Perfusionist to retain supporting documentation reflecting the activity in which he or she has been engaged which would support professional activities.  Random audits will be performed annually on a percentage of Professional Activity Reports as part of quality control.  If the CCP is subject to random audit, he/she will have to produce the necessary documentation. Failure to do so could result in loss of the CCP title. The Perfusionist is ultimately responsible to provide verification of professional activity and explain discrepancies. Acceptable documentation is given at the end of each category

Audit of Clinical Activity:

  • The Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion-India will conduct an audit to ensure the accuracy of the Clinical Activity Report so as to maintain a high standard and quality assurance. A percentage of Clinical Activity Reports will be chosen randomly each year for audit.
  • The audit process is conducted by the Chief Perfusionist, Operating Room Director / In-charge or other designated hospital authority.  The Clinical Activity Report and the signed Authorization for Release of Information form will be sent to the designated authority for verification. (This form is mentioned on page1)
  • It is necessary for each CCP to designate a hospital authority for each hospital in which cases are reported.  This hospital authority and the addresses for the hospitals must be listed on the Hospital Address Form.
  • If the cases cannot be verified by the designated authority, the Perfusionist will be contacted to provide verification of the cases and explain discrepancies.  The Perfusionist is ultimately responsible to provide verification of the cases and explain discrepancies. Should fraudulent cases be discovered, the issue will be submitted to the BCP-I Board of Directors for appropriate actions.

Extension of Certification Period
Certified Clinical Perfusionists who are unable to fulfil recertification requirements by the end of a reporting period may request an extension of the filing deadline as follows:
Requests must be made in writing by the February 1st filing deadline.
The appropriate report (Clinical Activity and/or Professional Activity Report(s) must be submitted, complete with all activity up to Feb end along with the appropriate filing fee.
If approved, the deadline will be extended to June 30th of same year at which time the application must be completed and an additional fee of INR 400 has to be paid.
An extension will not be granted to an individual more than once during a five-year period or to an individual on probation.

Probationary Status
A CCP who fails to submit the completed recertification application with appropriate fee by the February 1st deadline and does not formally request an extension will be placed on probation. Probation shall last a maximum of one reporting year.

A Perfusionist on probation must apply to the BCP-I for reinstatement before the next February 1st filing deadline. The petition for reinstatement must include:

  1. An explanation in writing of the reasons for not completing the recertification  require­ments for the previous year;
  2. A completed recertification application for that reporting year;
  3. A completed recertification application for the current reporting year; and
  4. Payment of all normal filing fees (at INR 250 per year), INR 400 Late Fee and a Reinstatement Fee of INR 200.  

Loss of Certification:
A CCP will lose certification if he/she:

  1. is on probation and does not successfully meet the requirements for  
    reinstatement; or
  2. Is found guilty of unethical conduct by the Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion- India (BCP-I); or
  3. Falsifies any portion of a recertification application.

    The BCP-I shall be the sole judge of whether or not the information supplied by the CCP is sufficient to require or permit revocation of any certificate issued by the BCP-I and the decision of the Board of Directors of BCP-I shall be final.

Re-entry into the Certification Process
A Perfusionist who has lost his / her certification may petition the BCP-I for re-entry into the certification process, and then meet the following conditions:

  1. Fill out the re-certification form and attach all relevant documents
  2. Remit the appropriate exam fee(s) 
  3. Remit a Reinstatement Fee of INR 500

Inactive Status
At times, a CCP will be unable to maintain certification because of a deficiency in either clinical and/or professional activity. For this reason, an inactive status may be requested. Individuals on Inactive Status will receive all communication from BCP-I and have their names published (AS INACTIVE) in the board’s register. The mechanism for obtaining inactive status is:

  1. After notification of loss of certification, inform the BCP-I Office that you wish to be placed on Inactive Status.
  2. Sign an agreement to discontinue the use of the title, "CCP".
  3. Remit annual fee to BCP-I Office prior to February 1st.

The recertification forms are self-explanatory. Please fill out all the forms and provide all the information that has been requested. Incomplete forms or wrong entries will delay the process and you may lose out on recertification. If you have any queries, please contact the Secretary.
The following forms are part of the packet and need to be filled and sent together along with the recertification fee:
FORM I: PERSONAL DETAILS: This also carries space for the Signature and stamp of Personnel Officer / Manager of the hospital where you are currently employed. This portion has to be filled up by the appropriate authority. One form is sufficient for all years.
FORM II: CLINICAL ACTIVITY (Case Summary) Please fill out separate form for each year (1 form per year)
Form III A: PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITY (Conference / Seminar / Refresher Course / In-house Training )
Form III B: PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITY (for oral presentations, posters and written publications). Please fill out separate form for each of the two years. The reports can be for any two of the five years.
FORM IV: SUMMARY OF POINTS EARNED (This shows the minimum and maximum points that have to be earned under each category). There are separate columns for each of the 5 years. Please fill the details in the respective columns as appropriate. Leave the column blank if it does not apply to you.
SIGNATURES: The CCP needs to sign in the space provided in the last page. Name and signature of Supervisor or Chief Perfusionist is needed. You also need to take the signature of the Chief Cardiac Surgeon or H.O.D. - C.V.T.S. as appropriate
DETAILS OF RE-CERTIFICATION FEE: Please fill in the details of DD favouring “Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion India” and payable at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. If you remit the fee via net banking, mention the Transaction number and other details.
Details of BCP-I Bank Account:
Name: Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion India
Bank: State Bank of India
Branch: Ellisbridge Branch, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Account No: 30749858498
IFS Code: SBIN0001041 (4 Alphabets + 7 Digits)
Please use a separate sheet in case you wish to communicate with the board regarding the recertification process or the documents that you have attached.
For and On Behalf of the Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion-India
Ravinath Swami
Secretary and Acting President

Cell: +91-9821280011